A New Take on Old Tech

A New Take on Old Tech

It used to be that electronics and devices performed a single job. But at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), manufacturers unveiled a host of products that expand our notions of what household gadgets can do. Here are a few highlights from CES 2017 that reflect just how much the times are changing.

LG Smart InstaView fridge is Wi-Fi connected with a 29-inch smart screen that includes its own operating system. It lets you surf the web, display recipes, create “sticky notes” for the family, track food expiration dates, and stream music while you make the perfect meal. The camera feature lets you look inside the fridge without opening it, even from a remote location via smartphone.

Kolibree Ara toothbrush monitors your tooth brushing performance. Your personal brushing data is synchronized with a smartphone app that provides a weekly email scorecard that includes tips for areas you may be missing, so you can keep your pearly whites gleaming!

Moen’s U shower allows remote warmup to the perfect temperature setting for each member of your household, directly from the smartphone app. Other features include an alert to let you know when your shower is ready, as well as a pause feature in case you’re delayed, so no water is wasted.

Simplehuman voice-activated trash cans will be available in two capacities, one with a single bin and the other with an added bin for recycling. The lid opens and closes with voice commands. Simplehuman will also be releasing cans that include Wi-Fi and the ability to track and order garbage bags when you run low.

Look for these gadgets to hit stores throughout 2017, or visit manufacturer websites for more information!(just click on blue links)


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