Dash-i MicroSD Reader

Dash-i MicroSD Reader

The Dash-i MicroSD Reader is incredibly small and works with the hot swapping capability which enables easy data transfer. The new EagleTec USB Nano Flash Drive is also amazingly small and can carry up to 4GB or 8GB of data. The Dash-i MicroSD Reader has a 9 inch full color touchscreen for display. The device has 2GB of internal memory. This is a fairly large amount of memory size considering that many PCs do not have this kind of internal memory space. This memory can store well up to a thousand ebooks. The memory size can further be expanded with the 4GB microSD memory card. The tablet has Wi-Fi connectivity meaning that you can easily be connected to the internet and do business. This is made possible by the availability of the 3G connectivity which enables you to easily connect to the internet.

There are also GPS navigation services which in addition with the Google maps will enable you to easily pinpoint exact locations to places. As such you won’t be able to ask for direction every now often. The Google maps also enable you to view streets, towns and cities. The device runs on the android operating system and one of the major strengths of the android operating system has been the sheer number of applications that are found within its market. This means that you can easily download an application and then customize it to suit your own needs. The tablet however comes with some of the preloaded applications. For instance, there is a built in camera which enables you to easily track your events.

As more information increasingly gets digitized, there has been a rise in the number of e-readers. Many people nowadays do not read hardcover books and magazines, instead preferring to read ebooks and e newspapers and magazines. At first they cried fall that this was going to erode their market but rather than trying to clutch on to a drowning straw, they have joined this bandwagon and made their works digital. of course there have been plagiarism issues that have surfaced such as the once unpopular move by Google to scan several manuscripts that many copywriters were vehemently opposed to. Electronic device manufacturers have noticed a gap in the need for ereaders and have responded swiftly to this demand.



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