Computer Parts – How to Build a Computer

Computer Parts – How to Build a Computer

The first step in building a computer is to determine the kind of machine you will need. Then you can build it according to your needs. In the future when you want to upgrade it, it will be easy for you to do it. Everyone’s needs may be different. The kids will need a PC for playing games and do projects related to their studies. The adults may require a high-end machine for office use.

Then comes the part of choosing the motherboard for the computer you want to build. It also depends on your use and pocket. Next in line comes the CPU. Based on the type of the motherboard you can choose the CPU, which has the right pin and configuration. The other parts are the RAM, the power supply, video card, optical drive, hard disk, and last but not the least the operating system. For the computer to work well, all these parts should match each other and should be useful to you for the purpose you have purchased it.

The choice being made you can buy the parts online or from a computer store and get it delivered to your place. Once they are read, you can start assembling them. The instructions for doing this will be given with each part. First, you will install the motherboard and the microprocessor chip. Align them into the socket and proceed with the fitting of the heat sink according to the directions given. This should then be followed by connecting the power lead to the motherboard.

The motherboard will have a socket to fit the RAM in so it becomes easy for you to do it. The motherboard will have been supplied with IO back plates. The motherboard now needs to be fitted to the case. Of course, there will be directions to do this. Once you place everything into their sockets, screw them into place.

Then you should install the power supply. This is followed by attaching the hard drive into its socket in the case. Other parts like, video card, the optical drive can be fitted into the places allotted to them in the case. Once this is done, you will need to attach the CPU component to a monitor, keyboard, speaker, and mouse.

Recheck if all the connections are in place and then switch on the main power supply. You will be happy to note that your parts are all functioning correctly. You can then set the BIOS settings to make use of your personal computer that you have built yourself.


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