Hyperloop Highway

Hyperloop Highway

We’re talking about going from the US to India to $50 in 3 hours.

Daryl Oster, the CEO of ET3 says they can build a tube transport system that is comparable to space travel on earth.

This company is drawing competition in the future of transportation business from people like Elon Musk’s Hyperloop. Tubes, which could be built, that can carry car sized passenger modules could determine how people travel, while minimizing fuel and labor costs to less than 10% of the cost of air travel. Oster goes on to say ET3 would be like a freeway with places to enter and exit along the route.

In an interview Oster said we looking at going from Cincinnati to the Taj Mahal in less than 3 hours at a cost of $50.

We refer to it as mag-lev limo, that its car sized passenger modules travel within a network of tubes, similar to car on a freeway. Only on an international or global scale.

Mike Stanley CEO of TransitX, at the Smart Cincy Summit also talked about the possibility of tube travel. Mike Stanley was part of a panel on the future of mass transit and the role of infrastructure development in smart transportation. He also talked about a self-contradictory proposition he sees about smart transportation.

People are not willing to sacrifice personal convenience for the greater good, he said. He also discussed how to solve the problems that emerge when society’s wants and needs are in conflict.

Mike Stanley also said that within 5 years we could see cities without the need of cars, this is not an impossible objective.

You can watch Stanley’s full interview with TechRepublic here


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