Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

Makes all other phone feel like a cement block.

With the Galaxy S8 and S8plus Samsung is hoping to hit a home run. Here’s what everyone needs to know.

The S8 is the most waited for device to hit the market in 2017. Reading the reviews, it’s most likely to climb to the top as the most wanted phone by almost everyone and businesses.

There are 3 distinctions and 2 cautions about the phone that need mentioning.


1. Highly functional design

For a long time the iPhone has been thinner and lighter and the official standard of each new model. Now with the S8 Samsung has surpassed iPhone in a large scale. The S8plus makes the iPhone 7 Plus and the Google Pixel XL feel like a cement block by juxtaposition. With a screen that covers 83% of the front of the phone, which is almost bezel-less it gives you more room to function. It makes other phones look out dated. The last point is because of its design it doesn’t need a case. It’s not like iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel that have slippery metal backs. The S8 having a glass back and curved sides make it a lot easier to hold in your hand.

2. Excellent battery life

The biggest concern in testing the S8 was the battery life since the battery is smaller than the Galaxy S7 Edge that had a hard time getting thru a full day. With the S8’s new 10nm processor and some new power management software the S8 has excellent battery life. The 1st day testing the device it was charged about noon it was ignored for 2 nights and still had plenty of battery left after 2 days.

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3. Sound quality and headphones

Sound quality is often overlooked when testing a phone. Many user still use it for conference calls, to listen to music or on an airplane. There is a big advantage with the S8 over the competitors with the inclusion of high-fidelity AKG ear-buds that come with the phone. The ear-buds make for extremely clear phone conversations and very clear bass and dynamic range for music listening.


1. The biometrics disappointing

After the release of the S8 it was thought that the biometrics would be an outstanding addition. Offering 3 kinds of biometrics fingerprint, iris scan, and facial recognition. But 2 of these are a little disappointing. The fingerprint scanner is on the back next to the camera. It’s faster and more accurate than the former scanners. But its position and size is not as functional as with the large circle in the center on other phones. The iris scanner doesn’t work with glasses or contacts which makes it very limited.

2. Software gets in the way

With the S8 they are trying to copy Google services and user interface elements in directions that aren’t making sense. Things like Bixby to Samsung Pay to Samsung Health to running its own separate Calendar app, this stuff seems to get in the way of a good user experience. Samsung should be using software that they do well not trying to copy what others are doing. If you want to make it a bit better . I’d recommend the tips in the video, “How to make any Android phone feel like a Nexus.”(Tech-Republic)

Your move, Apple, Google

That’s the word on the Galaxy S8 for everyone thinking about switching. Let’s see what Apple and Google do in return later this year.


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